Modeling For The Atomic Hound

Thank you for your interest in modeling for The Atomic Hound! I am not currently looking for new models, brand ambassadors, or collaborators.  I intended do a search at the beginning of 2022, but found that I actually didn’t need any more models. I know this will be a disappointment for those of you who wanted to enter the search, but unfortunately I don’t have the capacity to manage more models. I appreciate your understanding!

Modeling Search Directions

Heyyyoo!! I’m soo excited that you want your dog to model for The Atomic Hound! 

This year’s model search will run until February 19th. 

Here’s how you can go about applying for your pup…

  1. Read all the FAQ and requirements below. You will have to agree to them in the application below!
  2. Fill out and submit the application at the bottom of this page.
  3. Create ONE Instagram post for your feed:
    • Choose up to 10 of your favorite photos and/or videos that show of your photography/videography skills. Include at least one portrait of your dog and at least one standalone product photo. The rest of the photos are up to you :) See the examples below to get an idea of photos we like to use! 
    • Tag #ahmodelsearch2021 AND @theatomichound
  4. Create an Instagram story from the post you created and make sure to:
    • Tag #ahmodelsearch2021 AND @theatomichound

I will be responding by EMAIL to let you know you know the results of the contest! You WILL hear from me by March 1st either way. 

Thank you for your interest in being an Atomic Hound model! I can’t wait to see your photos! 

Good luck,

General FAQ and Requirements

We prefer that your dog has their own account, but if you and your dog share one, that’s okay too. Either way, your dog needs to be consistently in your photos.

Short answer: No

Long answer: I look at a variety of factors when bringing someone on as a model!

  • The MAIN thing is picture quality. 
  • Engagement: So are your followers commenting, liking, saving your posts? (Instagram algorithm has been WILD this year so I will take this with a grain of salt)
  • Are you CONSISTENT in your posting (both quality and quantity)?
  • Do you actually like Instagram?  I need people who will be on their stories and  feeds with ease and without me having to pay uber close attention!

The “guest modeling” will be for one or two collections. This is a good option if you’re not sure you can commit to a full year. 

Regular modeling period will last one year. After a year you may be asked to stay on depending on what our needs are at that time.

Keep in mind that if you are not on time with photo delivery, are producing poor quality photos, or failing to advertise then your contract may be discontinued before the year is up.

We are looking for a wide variety of sizes, breeds and ages, and job types. No restrictions in the type of dogs we are looking for.

This is for legal reasons. If you are between 16-18 you will need a parent to vouch for you! 

You must be willing to pay 40% of the cost of the items we send you upfront. This is to prevent ourselves from being scammed out of a product and time and effort. 

For example; if we send you 2 bandanas that cost $22 each, we will charge you 40% of $44, which is $17.60. Once you send us your photos we will refund you. 

Yes, I am now accepting models outside of the US!

You must have access to be able to take regular pictures of your dog. 

I release a bandana collection at the start of each season and each model will receive multiple bandana styles to model. I have so many waterproof collection designs right now that I won’t be creating many new ones in the next year. So instead models will just pick an item or two from that collection at the start of each quarter to model. 

We understand that not everyone has the extra money to purchase items for their pets so even those who don’t own our products may enter and will have an equal chance at being chosen. 

Models do not get paid financially, but they do receive free items in exchange for their photos and their advertising on social media.

Models do not get discount codes to give out. 

Product Photo Examples

Product photos can be tricky but my best advice is to get low, shoot in the shade or overcast, focus on the details and get rid of distractions! Generally in nature is ideal for this type of photo. Here’s some examples to help you out. 

Requirements (if you are chosen as a model)

Your dog must be wearing the product in at least 2 images. At least one photo needs to be  a styled product photo (the product by itself).

I’m looking for well lit, creative, and in focus photos. Photos can be in nature, photos of you and your dog,  posed photos with props etc. Detailed photos, close ups, farther away nature shops, action shots…Have fun with it!

Any camera (including cell phone) is fine as long as the picture quality is super great (not blurry or grainy).

I prefer a more neutral edit with balanced lighting and naturally coloring to show accuracy of product coloring! See examples below.

Post at least 2 images of your dog wearing each item received on your Instagram feed and tag @theatomichound and use our hashtag #theatomichound. You are welcome to put things in the caption unrelated to our shop so it doesn’t feel spammy. Just think of it like a normal, cute (but high quality!) picture of your dog, with a reference and tag to our shop in there about what your dog is wearing.

When you post an image of your dog wearing your product onto your Instagram feed, please make a story with the image and tag @theatomichound in the story. 

When I release a new collection or have a sale you will advertise this on your Instagram stories. 

I also write blog posts and will have you advertise specific posts (not every post).

We follow FTC (fair trade commission) law and require that our models use the caption #ah_partner any time they are posting a photo of a product they received in exchange for modeling. If you buy a product  with YOUR money you do not need to use the tag. 

Studies have shown that there is no difference in engagement on accounts that disclose their products are sponsored/ads versus those that do not!

Be aware, that at any point if you fail to provide high quality images, images in a timely manner, proper advertising, or fail to complete any other requirements we may not refund your guarantee money, and may terminate your modeling agreement.

Still Have Modeling Questions? Contact Me!

Thank you for your interest in modeling for The Atomic Hound! Please fill out this application AND make sure to follow the directions post to your Instagram feed and story (see info at top of page).  Deadline is February 19th and you will hear from me by March 1st with the outcome (either way). Good luck!