About Us

First things first. My name is Megann, and the big fluffy dog that you’ll see in lots of pictures is Ollie.

What you can expect

When I started The Atomic Hound, my goal was to have my business and my brand be high quality and that was rooted in generosity.

To me that meant be a brand that offers high quality dog gear,  excellent customer service, good information about your pet or service animal, and gives back to the community.

Now, this doesn’t mean it’s all serious all the time. I love me a good meme or three, enjoy making funny videos on Instagram, and am always up for some good slapstick comedy.

But, it’s important that overall my business produces high quality products and high quality information (whether it’s serious or funny) for you.

You can expect that your products will arrive in the time stated in my FAQ section, that if you’re not satisfied you can make a return (for free, on me), and that I will get back to you through my contact form  within a reasonable time frame.

Why I started The Atomic Hound

The simplest answer is that my service dog in training Ollie quickly grew out of his “training” vests and collars his first year. I didn’t have time to wait months until getting the next size, so I started making my own. 
Soon after this, I started getting requests for items from others, and realized there was a need for service dog gear that was high quality, and that would arrive quickly. 
And that’s when I started The Atomic Hound!
Originally The Atomic Hound as an e-commerce only shop, selling service and therapy dog vests, collars and leashes and bandanasWhile I am truly a creative at heart and love designing and sewing the products I offer, I also love research, writing and helping others. 
Early on in running my business I felt very strongly that in addition to high quality gear, there was also a need for information and support about navigating life with a service dog and chronic illness. 

As a result, I decided to turn my shop into a blog as well, to help inspire and equip people to navigate living their best life whether that’s as a healthy individual with a pet dog, or someone with a chronic illness and/or a service dog!

It has been so fun to be on this journey, and to be able to do it with all of you! 

Thank you so much for supporting The Atomic Hound! 

Love, Megann (and Ollie)

P.S Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions!