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Leash the Beast: Why Dog Leash Laws Matter

Surprisingly, dog leash laws don’t exist purely to suck all the joy out of your dog’s life. Find out exactly what dog leash laws are, and why they’re important to you, your dog and those around you!

Belgian Malinois wearing a Stranger things service dog vest by the Atomic Hound
Service Dogs

Gigantic List of the Top 150 Service Dog Tasks

Want to know what tasks to train your psychiatric, diabetic, autism or medical alert service dog? This service dog task list contains 150+ service dog tasks to help mitigate your disability!

Yellow lab wearing a therapy dog vest with his tongue out in a garden
Therapy dogs

How to Make Your Dog a Therapy Dog

Therapy dogs provide comfort and care to a wide variety of people in various settings. Discover what it takes to get your dog certified as a therapy dog!