Charity Support

Charity Support: Canine Companions for Independence®

The Atomic Hound proudly donates $1 per order to Canine Companions for Independence®!  Canine Companions transforms the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly-trained assistance dogs that assist with practical tasks and unconditional love and acceptance – free of charge. This powerful relationship leads to increased independence, self-esteem and inclusion for a  person with a disability. 

How It Works

It means that for every order you place with us, $1 is donated to Canine Companions. By shopping with us, you’re able to support  people with disabilities across the country! 

On our end, we keep track of how many orders are placed and then donate $1 per order that was placed semi-annually.

We SO appreciate you supporting our business and Canine Companions! We know that a lot of our customers have assistance dogs, and we’re glad that we’re able to give back to our community in this way.

The Heart Of Giving Back

When I started The Atomic Hound in 2018, it was important to me to be a business that was founded in generosity. I started out by donating 5% of my income to one person in need of financial medical support each month. 

In 2019 I transitioned to donating $1 per order per month to two charities that were raising awareness and treatment for chronic illnesses, mental challenges and developmental disabilities. 

In 2020 I decided to focus my efforts on one organization and decided to partner solely with Canine Companions for Independence®. So many of my customers own service dogs, and it’s an honor to give back to the wider service dog community in this way! 

The Impact

Canine Companions assistance dogs are trained in over 40 commands including turning light switches on and off, opening doors, pulling wheelchairs and picking up items that are dropped.

By doing these tasks for a person with a disability, their independence and quality of life can improve greatly.

Below you can read 4 stories of Canine Companion assistance dogs that have changed the life of someone living with a disability! The Atomic Hound is honored to be an official community supporter of this life-changing organization!

Learn More

Visit The Canine Companions for Independence® site for more information!