Top 50 Most Outstanding and Proven Dog Products

Owning a dog can be expensive. And we often make it harder on ourselves (and our pockets) by buying dog products that don’t work well or last.

To put together this list, I went through all the dog products I’ve bought over the years that have served me well. A couple products have a few different variations which means I have a few variations that I use.  I also added a few big tickets items that I plan on investing in in the future (like the dog crate for the car).

One thing that you’ll probably notice is that there are a LOT of balls on here and basically no soft toys…by dog is a super chewer and we have yet to find any durable stuffed animal like toys that he doesn’t destroy immediately.

So, without further ado, the following products are the top 50 dog products that I recommend! 

Beds + Bed Accessories




Grooming (I have a golden retriever)

On the Go/Treat Storage

Car Crates

The last two items are not available through Amazon. Both are car crates! 

Full disclosure, I do not yet have a car crate but 100% plan on getting one once the budget allows. You can see that they’re more of an investment than the items above! 

Also, the price depends on the size of your dog. I have a 74lb golden retriever so I’m on the pricier side! 

1. Gunner G1 Intermediate Dog Crate: $599+

2. Ruffland Intermediate Kennel: $196+ 

If you have any questions about products I recommend, please feel free to CONTACT me!

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My products are inspired by working dogs, and designed for any dog...even the ultimate couch potato! I also offer education and resources for navigating service dog and pet ownership, and life with disabilities.

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