Top 50 Most Outstanding and Proven Dog Products

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Owning a dog can be expensive. And we often make it harder on ourselves (and our pockets) by buying the wrong dog products. Trust me, I know.

To put together this epic list of all things dog, I had to go through all the dog products I have bought over the years. I was completely appalled at how many times I bought multiple variations of basically the same item because the first few didn’t work well.

So, without further ado, the following products are the top 50 dog products that (after much trial and error) I recommend AND use regularly.

Beds and Car Protection

Training Tools (I practice balanced training)

Grooming (I have a golden retriever)


On the Go/Treat Storage


Chews (none of these are particularly smelly)

Training + Feeding Resources

Okay, so these last two aren’t products, but are my two favorite training resources.

The first is the YouTube Channel Solid K9 training, run by dog trainer Jeff Gellman. Jeff is a balanced trainer and provides hundreds of free DIY dog training videos. You can see him work with dogs with mild issues such as stealing food, to extreme issues like human aggression. Visit his channel HERE.  

The second is the the website Perfectly Rawsome which provides FREE, amazing information about transitioning dogs to a raw food diet. Visit the website HERE. 

Good luck!

If you have any questions about products I recommend, please feel free to CONTACT me!

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