Theme Park Inspired Poop Bag Holder


If you’re tired of stuffing poop bags in your pockets, tying them to your leash, or forgetting them (hey, it happens) then you need a poop bag holder! This poop bag holder is made for theme park lovers and has a signature red and white polka dot fabric, a stylish yellow zipper, and a surprise charm. This poop bag holder attaches to any leash with included carabiner, and firmly holds one standard roll of poop bags. See details for more info! 

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This poop bag holder measures 1.75″ wide x 1.25″ tall x 3.25″ long. It will firmly hold a standard bag of poop bags. Please make sure to grab the bag firmly with one hand, while you pull the bags out of the poop holder with your other hand. This will extend the life of your product!

The material of this poop bag holder is not waterproof, water-resistant, and is not resistant to dirt. If you need a more durable holder, we suggest the shiny black poop bag holder or the light turquoise poop bag holder.

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