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This Traffic Lead  is in NEW  condition. It is lime and has a lavender accent, with a stainless steel trigger clasp, a floating o-ring, and is 9″ length. 

Our Traffics Leads are extremely popular for both adventurous and working dogs. They’re perfect for high traffic or off-leash areas where you want to grab your dog quickly and easily without leashing up. Traffic leads are made with super strong, vegan BioThane® webbing and durable hardware. They’re waterproof, highly rust resistant, and easy peasy to clean. Interested? See below for ALL the details! 

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Traffic Lead Design

The Traffic Lead is an excellent dog training tool, and are very common for service dog handlers to use, especially in high traffic areas where you need your dog close by. You may also choose to use a traffic lead in places where your dog is permitted to be off-leash, but you want the option to be able to grab their leash quickly if necessary (without them dragging one). 

  • 9″ length
  • Stainless steel trigger clasp
  • Stainless steel Chicago Screws
  • 5/8″width

Choosing The Right Traffic Lead Length

Which length is ideal for you?

  • 6″:  Room for one or two fingers. Off-leash use.
  • 9″: Room for four fingers. Off-Leash use.
  • 12″: Room for a hand. High traffic areas/training. Generally, don’t recommend this length if your dog will be off-leash since their leg may get caught unless they are a larger/taller breed.

***It’s important to note that if you are in an area requiring a leash, most leash laws indicate that to be legally compliant the leash must be at least 4′, but it’s best to check your city and state laws.

What is BioThane® Webbing? 

  • Webbing on the inside and heavy-duty, non-tacky PVC coating on the outside
  • Waterproof
  • Cold weather resistant (won’t become brittle until -56° F)
  • UV resistant (won’t fade)
  • Sensory friendly: won’t hurt your hands like rope leashes or nylon leashes
  • Doesn’t tangle or knot easily
  • Will not crack or fade
  • Doesn’t need to be oiled
  • 5/8″ width break strength is 625 pounds

Hardware Options

We offer standard bolt, trigger, and quick release snaps in stainless steel or solid brass finish. Every hardware option swivels.  From lightest in weight to heaviest: bolt, trigger, quick release.  Brass hardware is heavier than the same hardware style in Stainless Steel. For dogs less than 20lbs we recommend the bolt option. Chicago Screws will match the clasp finish choice.

Which Metal Should I Choose?

Both stainless steel and solid brass are very durable and make long-lasting options! Stainless steel is rust-resistant and classic silver color. It is possible for stainless steel to rust, but much less than nickel and it can be cleaned more easily.  Brass does not rust but does develop a patina over time. Stainless steel and brass can both be used in the water.

Even though stainless steel and brass are durable, it’s still best to prevent the hardware from oxidizing. To do this make sure to dry your product ASAP, and especially rinse off any saltwater. In the case that your hardware rusts or patinas, we recommend searching Google for the best methods to remove the discoloration.

Cleaning Directions

To clean your waterproof traffic lead, take a bucket of water (temperature doesn’t matter), and add some dish soap. Then swish the leash around in the bucket, rinse clean and allow to air dry. For more stubborn areas use a gentle wet cloth and rub with a bit soap and rinse clean.

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