1″ Adventure Dog Collar


This 1″ Adventure Dog Collar is our go-to collar for adventurous, water-loving dogs. Designed with stainless steel or solid brass buckles and Chicago screws for extra security and rust resistance. Adventure Collars are made from BioThane® webbing and are waterproof, highly rust-resistant, durable, heavy-duty, won’t fade or absorb dirt and are easy to clean.  See Description below for more details. 


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1″ Adventure Dog Collar Design

The 1″ Adventure Dog Collar is our go-to adjustable, standard buckle, waterproof dog collar. This collar is SUPER durable with stainless steel or solid brass hardware and Chicago screws. If your dog is in the water often, we recommend this collar over our 1″ Quick Release Dog Collar. 

  • 1″ standard buckle
  • 1″ D-Ring
  • Two-tone option available
  • Hardware finish available in stainless steel or solid brass
  • Chicago screws that are also secured with thread locker

Sizing Guide For The 1″ Adventure Dog Collar

Please measure your dog’s neck with a soft tape measure to find the right collar size. The tape measure should be snug, but with enough room to slip a finger or two between the tape measure and your dog’s neck.

Each collar has 3 holes that are one inch apart. Choose the collar size where your dog’s neck size matches the middle hole, and we will put 1″ on either side for comfort. So a 16″ collar will fit 15″-17″ neck sizes.

Check the “growing dog” option if your dog is still growing. We’ll start the first hole at the puppy’s current neck size and add one extra hole. Ex; puppy’s neck is 16″,  the puppy collar will be from 16″-19″.

What is BioThane® Webbing? 

  • Webbing on the inside and heavy-duty, non-tacky PVC coating on the outside
  • Waterproof
  • Cold weather resistant (won’t become brittle until -56° F)
  • UV resistant (won’t fade)
  • Sensory friendly: won’t hurt your hands like rope leashes or nylon leashes
  • Doesn’t tangle or knot easily
  • Will not crack or fade
  • Doesn’t need to be oiled

Collar Hardware Information 

All of our adventure dog collars are available in stainless steel or brass. The screws will match the buckle choice.

Stainless steel *may* eventually rust (but not easily), and brass does not rust but rather develops a patina. Stainless steel and brass are the best options if you plan on using your collar in water, especially saltwater.

To prevent the hardware from oxidizing it’s best to dry your product ASAP, and to especially rinse off any saltwater. In the case that your hardware rusts or patinas, we recommend searching Google for the best methods to remove the discoloration (methods are different depending on which metal you chose).

Cleaning Directions

To clean your collar, take a bucket of water (temperature doesn’t matter), and add some dish soap. Then swish the collar around in the bucket, rinse clean and allow to air dry. For more stubborn areas use a gentle wet cloth and rub with a bit soap and rinse clean.

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Weight 4.5 oz

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